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July 28, 2006


Shane Mason


I will poke 'em with a stick every time they say something stupid, which means I have plotted a life of infinite poking...

In all seriousness, I will take this up here rather than there. I listened to your advise yesterday, and I read what you had to say today. I think that you are right in a way and wrong to some extent. The people who POST there are indeed dino's and not apt to change. There are people who view that site that are not the same and are on the cusp. If I can convince just one of them to not go to the dark side, then my job is done and done well.

Additionally, it ruins their blog for them. All the creeps don't want to hear the truth. Even if it does degenerate into a pissing match between mellon and myself, it ruins it for them. It's not a lot of 'how smart we are and how dumb lieberals are' butt slapping.


apologizing to the milkman for kicking a puppy isn't an apology at all.

Dude... you kicked a puppy?


Shane - dollars to donuts that not one person has ever followed any of the links you provide over there. Come down to earth, son. WRIM is a place to go for paintball fights. Nothing more.

Eric Coobs

Heck Mark, I thought I was just on the point of signing you up to join the PACHYDERMS! I won't give up on you though, even Ronald Reagan was a Democrat once!


So someone who witnessed the exchange between the firefighters and Burns has finally come forward...

From the Independent Record (Billings Gazette is carrying the story too):

Ann Etheridge is a retired 35-year Forest Service veteran from Florida who was the freelance finance chief on the fire. She watched Burns confront the Hot Shots at the airport and couldn't believe it.

"These are guys who've been on the job for two weeks," she said. "They average 14-16 hours a day."

She recalled when crews from around the country came to Florida in 1998 to help put out fires.

"Our senators would have got on their knees and thanked them for helping them out," Etheridge said. "We had to have outside resources. All you saw was, 'Thank you, firefighters.' That's the way it should have been here. He should have gone over and thanked them. Regular citizens do."

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