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July 15, 2006


Gee Guy

No offense, Wulfgar, but I can't understand a word of this. I guess it's personal...


Must have missed one hell of a radio show :-)


Not really personal for me but, by his own admission, it is for Rep. John Sinrud (R-nutcase). He called into the radio show this afternoon and claimed that all "the blogs" do is character assasination, me especially. I told him that I had open comments and that he was welcome to take me to task for any transgression. He claimed he had. I don't think he realizes that blogs have archives. He attempted to equate my position as a guy with an opinion to be open to the same scrutiny as our elected representatives, and other such nonsense. It was a pleasant little discussion. The especially endearing part was, after I informed him that we had to take a call from another caller, he said (quote from memory), "I'm glad you posted your picture on the Montana Democrats website. Now I know what you look like" and hung up. Since I don't think he's all that stable, I figured I'd poke him with a stick and see if he pops.

I know that this post seems very obscure, but I also know that John will poke his nose in to see the fierce damage he has done to me. Really, this post was for the readers in the area who were able to listen.


Well, damn. I woulda given quite a bit to've caught that show. Heh heh.

Gee Guy

Wulfgar, you're kind of an enigma.


Caught part of your show - you have a very good radio voice. But I wonder who's listening on a Saturday when weather is great and baseball is on ...



What a rolicking show! Too bad that the Ayatollah Senrudi waited til the last minute to call and spew his own brand of character assasination. I am still frustrated that he left no time for our last caller: Heather, (R-Retard). I so wanted to ask her what she liked so much about Conman Burns that would make her vote for him. Was it his approval of forced prostitution of women; or his advocaccy of forced abortions for the same?
P.S.- Ya might wanna watch out for a brown shirted Jihad Johnnie's hobnailed boots to be kicking down your door.


I've haven't a worry about the Johnnie Jihad. To quote a man of some note: Bring them on!

The good thing is that it will help the radio show. You know that John and Kim are gonna be checking in just to see if I'm on. And they will bring their followers, some of whom might actually learn something by listening.

John Sinrud

Wulfgar, typical again your democratic friends have miss lead the people again by saying I threatened you. This is really sad that this is the only way to get people to go to your blog.



John, it's good to hear from you. I do have to express disappointment, however, that you still won't explain your cryptic statement about knowing what I look like. It's small wonder, given your obvious ambiguity, that some might interpret your words as intimidation, or a veiled threat. You could clarify, of course, but I notice that you don't; so I'll just trust my Democratic friends to interpret your words all on their own, and if others are mislead, well you've only yourself to blame, haven't you?

Personally, I don't feel that threatened. If I did, I never would have posted my own picture at my own website. So sorry that you missed that. Why, then, your eagerness to know my face could have been satisfied much sooner, and you wouldn't have had to say something so inopertune on the radio. No matter; I just chalk it up to your ignorance about blogs.

Ya' see, John, if I was that interested in driving traffic to my website, I'd start posting overly hyperbolic rants like, "Rope, Tree, Sinrud ... some assembly required". That seems to be all the rage among some righty bloggers, and they do get more traffic. Or, I could Photoshop a picture of yourself and Roger Koopman having a private and indelicate "strategy session" for two. I guarentee that would get the hit counter rolling. And it's nice to know that satire is protected free speech, and that I have dedicated representatives such as yourself who stridently defend my rights, just as you defend your own right to harrass women seeking parental counceling, reproductive medicine and prenatal care. It's a great country, ain't it?

So don't be sad for me, John. I have what I want right here. Do come back and visit, won't you?

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Sinturd sounds like a typical rePublicCan to me! And we all know what a Public Can is like!!!

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