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July 20, 2006



I, for one, like the lower case 'd' on "democratic friends." Why yes, we believe in democracy. Don't you?

Capitalization difficulties aside, web presences are good. As long as they look better than this.


I did this with Tom Keating, I did it with Roger Koopman - I built an image of a right wing person in my mind - though I didn't like what spewed forth from them, I presumed that these were simply well-read extremists. I even cringed a little but at the thought of a confrontation, as it would take some time and intellectual energy to overcome thier arguments. Seems to be the case with Sinrud too - these people are simply one-book lowbrows. (Reading one book, in rightwingville, constitutes "research.") Bluntly stated, these people are stoneheads.

But then win elections, time and again.


"then" = "they"

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