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June 12, 2006


Eric Coobs

Well, the victory was signifigant for Jon Tester, since you gotta win the primary to advance to the general election, and in that regard, you are correct.

We should have no lack of material to blog about between now and November, should we?


He does have a great handshake, and looks you straight in the eye, but he's not the only one-his wife has an incredible handshake as well.


I met Morrison last year and while he shook my hand, he did it while looking over my shoulder for the next donor, or I couldn't help but wonder, especially in light of what later came out, if my initial instinct that he was looking over my shoulder for a cuter girl wasn't correct. At any rate, bad handshake, insincere affect, and while I would have voted for him if he'd won the primary, I wouldn't have campaigned for him. Tester seems like a real guy, not a DLC guy.

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