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June 26, 2006



I think Tester is a perfect example of the difference between "Democrats", and "Montana Democrats". From what I've seen of him, I'd vote for him long before I'd vote for you know who. I think Tester has the testicles to stand up to the Washington Liberals and do a damn good job representing Montana. Tester has the testicles, hey, that could be a good campaign slogan!

I could give a rat's ass about gay marriage, I don't care if someone burns a flag as long as they own it, and all politicians will raise taxes eventually. The question isn't IF they'll raise them, it's WHEN. The true test is who they raise them on, and what they do with the money when they get it.


The Democrats are doing their Democratic thing now, mealy-mouthing thier way to another loss. Looks as if Burns will die in office - maybe he already has. He looks like it.

Reality Check

Values are everything. Maybe Tester has some but his party has none. Tough break for your guy.

Jen.  That Jen

The way I see it - couldn't hurt. Really. I have had three Republicans come up to me this past week to tell me to communicate to the Montana Democratic Party that they liked the response to Conrad's ad, because they thought Conrad's ad was silly.

These are folks who will vote for Tester. They were not swayed by the new ad, but it made them a little happier to be voting for Tester. This is the audience, whether we like it or not.

Eric Coobs

I laughed too, when the ad said that Tester favors lower taxes. He never saw a tax he didn't like! But I think the reason that the national Democrats came up with this ad, is because they are worried (rightly so) that Montana voters will see Tester as a liberal. You know, the dreaded 'L' word. I think the catch phrase 'Conservative Haircut, Liberal values' is still ringing in their ears, and they don't like it.


That's right Eric. Keep telling yourself that.


Eric Coobs

I'm agreeing with you, and you say keep telling myself that? Why?

Rocky Smith

I thought all the ads sucked eggs. The fake barber was the biggest loser though. The response ad was no gem either. I still find myself wishing for a third option. Burns will likely vote the way I want in most cases, but he has some questions to answer about Abramoff (and I've never been a fan of his). Tester will likely not vote the way I'd like and I find him unimpressive too. I think he'd support ending Bush's tax cuts which have spurred the economy. I doubt he would support the conservative judges that I think are vital to fixing some of the problems we have today. Tester tries to sound more conservative, and in line with Montana values, but it looks like a smokescreen to me. Maybe I'll write in Porky pig. Neither party is shy about spending, so he fits.

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