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June 29, 2006


Eric Coobs

It's not about protecting a piece of cotton or rayon, it's about drawing a line somewhere.

It's OK to burn a flag, but not to burn a cross?

The Nazi's can march in a parade, but you can't protest at an abortion clinic?

You can fine Howard Stern for what he says on the radio, but not punish the NY Times for leaks?

We are a country ran by voters. If the voters choose to ratify a flag-burning amendment, would you say that the vast majority are idiots, or just figure the voters got it right & live with it?

Why are you in a tizzy about this anyway? I'd wager a vintage bottle of MEZCAL that you've never burned a flag, and never intend to!



Once again, you just don't get it (not that it should surprise me...). It isn't that flag burning is done all that much or that flag burning isn't an insult to a large majority of people in the US.

There are two real problems with this "amendment".

First, it is a waste of time and effort that should be focused on REAL issues like American children starving to death or the thousands of people that die every year here because the don't have health care and can't afford to get seen.

Second, every idiot that has pushed for this amendment has pointed to the military and said "Let's do it for them... Flag burning insults them". Let me clue you in, buddy. Those of us who served in the Military don't need you to use us to justify your crusade. In fact, many of us are insulted that you are doing that. We served in our country so that asshats like you can say whatever the hell you want and yes, that includes the idiots that burn the flag (all four of them last year...). Quit using us to as political tools. That is the real insult...



I agree with moorcat and wulfgar on this one. The totalitarian way of stopping something is to outlaw it. I say if you want to stop things like flag burning, then fix the other problems and make people proud to be Americans again so they won't WANT to burn the flag. If you can't do that, then don't bitch when people do things to show their disgust. Obviously we have 4 VERY disgruntled Americans out there. ;)


It's nothing more than formulaic American politics - our elections aren't about anything. They are merely sideshows. Issues are irrelevent, and faux issues have to be invented to keep us occupied while the real business of government goes on without us. Right wingers like Coobs ought to be inflamed that they are being diddled - they ought to demand a real public debate on real issues. But right wingers like Coobs succumb to flag burning nonsense like a child to a lollipop. Democratically speaking, America is a joke.

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