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June 18, 2006


Eric Coobs

I pulled out the bills, and the votes. Testers record on taxes is clear. He never saw a tax he didn't like.

Out of 1,000,000 residents in Montana, 100 of them showed up in Helena with NARAL to celebrate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Guess who was there? Jon Tester.

I can't tell you what he's thinking, I have to look at his actions to tell.

John Tester has an A+ rating on the gay rights website I found, and they refer to the rating as very pro-gay. So for pointing this out I'm a bigot?

Why won't he campaign publicly on these issues? I know why, and I would hope that you do also.

Sbooc Cire

Eric, by pointing it out as a negative thing that Tester supports equal rights for everyone... yeah, that's kind of the definition of a bigot. Duh.

Rocky Smith

I, as a conservative Republican, find the bashing of gay people and Jewish people on that post to be disgusting. I doubt even Burns would support such tripe. WAY over the line there Eric!

Eric Coobs

Just remember Rocky, I didn't bash anybody.

I'm not responsible for comments.


Eric, I remind you, that is a complete lie. You chose to start censoring content you found distasteful, and yet left the most fouly racist stuff alone. That is, *exactly*, taking repsonsibility for comments.

And you still haven't answered the questions.

Let me spell it out for ya'; this whole row between us has never been about Jon Tester ... it's been about you and your behavior. You can play innocent and victimized, Eric, but it's obvious what you did, with predictable results. Gay baiting turns to gay bashing, leads to Jew bashing, leads to black bashing and the cycle of hatred just keeps right on rolling at *your* website, apparently with your approval. Embrace it, or stand against it ... your choice.

Rocky Smith

I have to agree with Wulfgar on this one Eric. You removed comments you didn't like from "Blue Barn" but left some nasty racist and anti-gay stuff up there with no refutation of them. It's your site. Do as you will, but if anyone left hateful crap like that on my site, I'd leave it up (showing everyone what nasty racist/homophobes they are)and post a response of my own telling them off. You did no such thing. That looks like tacit approval- even to a Republican like me.

Steve T.

Hey Wulfgar - I don't often agree with Blue Barn or his posts, but he recently posted that he will no longer be posting over at Freeper Montana.

Is this something we should all agree to do? Eric is convinced that he gets more traffic than all of the "liberal" blogs... but what happens if all of the liberals leave him? Perhaps if we don't go there and spread the word to everyone else not to go there, they'll just be happy to read Mellon's racist tripe all day.

Just a thought. Let me know what you think.

Eric Coobs

The trouble with that Steve, is that I believe most of the anonymous posters are simply liberals wanting to ruin the discourse.

I can't tell who's who, and even if I dropped the anonymous posters it'd only take them a minute to assume an eblogger name.

bluebarn will be back, he'll just be anonymous. And you can blame it on Don Mellon or whoever.

The blue barn

Do you miss me? You republicans are really just that hung-up on yourself, Eric? Jeesh, no shame. You really ought to get out more because you are paranoid. Sorry, but Liberals have better things to.

And I won't be returning to WRIM, for the same reason I don't go to NEO-NAZI websites: It's just a waste of time. You guys are ignorant and unreasonable. It's not even worth dignifying your site by visiting it. You guys are not recognizable!
Tell me what law protects people like you?
Alls you have done is fueled my already high anger at Republicans and I will continue my reckoning of the Bush Crime Family.
You can stay in your own part of the world and be crazy. I'll be in the realworld if you need me.

Steve T.


Are you really that dumb? You're so blind that you're blaming all of that racist tripe on anonymous liberals?

I'm perfectly willing to call blue barn out as an idiot, even though he leans left. You are completely unable to do the same thing about people who lean your way.

It's incredible that you see something bad happenning and your assumption is automatically that a liberal must be doing it.

You're a child. Admitting some wrong-doing from your side won't incriminate you. But your views are so black and white that you honestly think that all bad things are caused by liberals.

Once again, Eric: You're an idiot, and a complete lightweight.

Eric Coobs

Simple process of elimination Steve.

Who has the most to gain from changing the subject?

Whenever I point out some of the many shortcomings of Jon Tester the trolls come out in force.


Mark T

All liberals are evil. I've got evil posters at my web site. Evil posters at my web site are liberals.

Gawd was that dumb. It's wrong in so many ways that it doesn't stand up to the barest modicum of scrutiny. And this passes for reason.

Steve T.

Eric -

Whenever you point out the "shortcomings" of Jon Tester, no one tries to change the subject except for you.

Let's explain something to you here. It's a process called "debunking." You see, Eric, when you make a point, such as "Jon Tester got an A+ rating from such and such group...", you pretend that we are changing the subject because the only argument we could POSSIBLY enter in that stays on the subject is "no he did not get an A+ rating from such and such group."

Instead, we put out arguments as to why this rating doesn't matter. You pissed a lot of liberals off with that tripe, Eric. We got angry, and the last thing we did was change the subject. The rug was pulled out from your argument, and you were exposed as a complete fool.

Anyways, actions have reactions. This Mellon character responds to EVERY post put up by a liberal, under different handles usually. His goal is to get our goat, to piss us off. Usually, it works. To do it, however, he often has to put out very extreme posts.

For you to blame these posts on liberals is so completely mindless. He's been doing that kind of stuff on other blogs for an extremely long time, and he usually does it until he gets banned. Do you think liberals post that crap at Crisp's blog? At LITW? Are you really that stupid?

Every time I think I've seen you at your dumbest, you surprise me. It's really incredible.

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