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June 08, 2006


Wacko Lib

Relocated to wackolib.wordpress.com

If you bump in to Tamara Hall over there at am 1450...give her a hug for me. And a Hertz Donut.

Eric Coobs

Yes, Blogger has been a pain lately.

When I started my blog I should have been more careful about where I set up shop.


Wow. Good luck on the radio show bro!


Didn't expect a blast from my high school past on your blog, Wulfgar! JP was a year ahead of me, and I remember her from choir.

Wacko Lib

Great show Wulfgar.

I have to say that taking back the word "liberal" would be a great victory. Democrats took the jackass characterization, and adopted it as our symbol.

If someone is whacking you with a stick and you can manage to take possession of it, the stick becomes your weapon...perhaps a poor example, but...you know what I'm sayin'.

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