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June 21, 2006


Eric Coobs

Is this all you've got?

Do you really care about the government in the Marianas, or is this the only issue you could grab onto to try to shed impropriety on Senator Burns?

If he had a (D) behind his name you'd probably think it was OK, right?

If I get the chance, I'll see how the Democrats felt about this legislation.


Please do, Eric. But keep this in mind; no Democrat who claims to represent me voted for this horror. Conrad Burns insisted on having his vote counted ... all for $5000. He doesn't represent me. Does he represent you?


Eric...isn't this ALL supposed to be about the record? Isn't this supposed to be about where the candidates stand? It's hard to argue about this one. I love your argument when Burns crosses a HUGE, THICK line: "ahhh, that doesn't really matter...is that all you got?"


Isn't it just a little trifling to sell so much for so little? $5,000 when the man has to raise millions? I think this pancake has more than one side, and I'd like to see it.


Corrupt Conrad Burns should get destroyed in this election. He belongs in a jail cell next to his buddy Jack Abramoff. We need to get these dirty politicians out of office as quickly as possible.

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