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May 08, 2006



Awesome quote from Worf! I'm going to steal it!


Burns is an infinitely shallow man who has no sense of greater good or true value.

But Montana Wilderness over the years has had many enemies, and only two friends, Lee Metcalf and Pat Williams. Baucus has spun the issue, but done very little for preservation of our wild spaces. In fact, nothing. His deeds have always been to limit wilderness to rocks and ice. Where does Baucus stand on this bill? Is he fir us, or agin us?


I'm pretty sure that Conrad has no clue what the "wild" part of wilderness means...


Motorized vehicles would more than likely be a fire hazard in hot dry weather, but then the same people who are already getting the free milk of our wilderness would want us to build and maintain roads for them.

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