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May 05, 2006



Yep, I made a typo. My excuse, such as it is, is that I wrote the thing, saw that Eric had just made a post, and decided to hold the post until the next morning to give Eric some time at the top. Thus, I needed to change references to "today" to "yesterday" and missed one. Sorry 'bout that.

Thanks for taking the time to help me correct my grammatical mistakes. This was not the first, nor will it be the last. I look forward to further advice on the subject, if not necessarily to the vitriol. Every correction makes me a better writer.


My friend, if you haven't learned anything else from Eric, please learn this: I'm gonna rib ya'. And you folks are gonna rib me. That's kinda the way it works.

Politeness and civility, are , at heart, the tools of the weak. I'm not weak, and neither are you folks. We don't agree, so let's not pretend that we're BFFs. Here's the simple part; I think you get it, and I definately do. There's things that matter, and things that don't. Anyone worth his salt will recognize the difference. The rest, well that's just me ribbin' ya.

Your typo, well, that was pretty ugly. Your post, on the other hand, ought to be considered (rejected because of really awful logic, of course, but considered none the less). NeoMadison, that might be why I linked it in the first place. Think on that a while.

Eric Coobs

I'm not drooling too much - I just think Morrison will be a weak candidate, and I hope he's the nominee.

If he had an outgoing personality like Brian Schweitzer, broad support, a vision for Montana, and no skeletons in his closet I'd be worried.

he who is known as sefton

At the recent Washington Correspondents' Dinner, master comedian Stephen Colbert performed magnificently. With the rapier of wit and the mace of truth, he respectively skewered and censured the presidency of "dum'ass botch".

Talk about wonderful lagniappe! Mr Colbert made that nincompoop's lap dogs in our national conventional media run for cover with their tail between their legs. And that's not all our man accomplished.

Tucked away in his address to the dinner's flabbergasted attendees, like a ticking time bomb, there was an "easter egg", which we had absolutely . . . here "we" is a polite nod . . . NO right to expect. Like the Easter Bunny in a mischievous mood, Mr Colbert camouflaged a bon mot, so profound as to approach philosophical.

oh, before I reveal Mr Colbert's casual accomplishment, I should like to preface with a caveat. The appropriate interpretation of that remark requires sagacity an-- . . .

oh, alright (!) already, I'll admit it. The above text is meant to serve as "bait" for the dear Reader's curiosity. Yes, I would like people to visit my blog. And why not?! The average visitor is bound to find one or two startling insights. What's more, it's a good bet that more than a few visitors will discover that I evoke with the written word thought, more felt than comprehended.

.he who is known as sefton


. . . oh, yeah, I should add that the full title for that post is "rehabilitation of and by and for the right wing" .

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