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May 23, 2006


R. Hess

"Sub-humans"? That's a Nazi phrase, isn't it?

The Blue Barn

I am surprised they didn't shoot someone in the face like Dick Cheney.

The Blue Barn

That's not very representful of Montana's values. These people have no shame.

wacko lib

Click on R. Hess to find out why he asked that...


No worries about Ms. Hess, Wacko. It's just the same pissant troll as usual. Ignore it.


Not representful?

That's unpossible!


There's a prominent Billings family in oil and gas and real estate named Reger - I assume this guy is one and the same? I remember a real estate class I took at MSU-B - a guy named Reger came in and lectured us about how it was possible to take value right out from under a landowner by buying an option from him. He would not know what he had done until it was too late. Left me with a not-so-fresh feeling.

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