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May 10, 2006



To be honest, I don't get what Tester's appeal is. But then, I'm not a Dem, I wouldn't be expected to get it. For the sake of this post, I'll take Wulfgar's (and a large number of others) word that Tester exemplifies true progressive principles while Morrison exemplifies watered-down or non-existent principles wearing a fig leaf of electibility.

If that is the case, I firmly believe that the conventional wisdom is wrong and that the Tester backers have a piece of the truth here. From the perspective of a challenger candidate I believe it's always more effective to nominate some fire than it is to nominate some hairspray. The public senses passion. I know other Republicans will think I'm crazy, but I considered Dean a more potent threat to Bush than Kerry. Of course, I made that assessment before the famous scream, but still... Passion does matter. If it's true that Tester has it and Morrison doesn't, then I, as a Republican, am happy that Morrison's nomination seems all but inevitable.

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