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April 22, 2006


Just a point

Perhaps you meant to compare blogs to the effects of pamphlets like Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" had in stirring up opinions against the British before and during the revolution. The Federalist Papers were written after the revolution in favor of ratification of the Constitution.

Paphleteering and rabble rousing is an important enterprise and should be commended, but it also probably shouldn't be confused with the deeply serious policy discussions that framers of the constitution James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John were engaged in in writing the Federalist Papers. Discussions, even though they took the form of letters to papers, that are considered important enough to be cited as authorities in constititional arguments before the supreme court.

Tom Paine would no doubt be blogging his heart out today, but I think it is fair to say comparisons to Madison and Hamilton might be a hair presumptious.


Baucus's next run for office will have a new player - blogs. It will be interesting to see just how much discontent with the man underlies the facade of contented cows that Democrats like to project when he runs.


They de-linked me a while back, which didn't surprise me a bit.

I confess to taking a certain amount of pride at being the only non-left blog linked from there. Alas, now we're "back to our corners" for the election cycle.


I didn't get to see what you look like!


My wife said it best - The democrats are pansies.

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