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April 24, 2006


fiat lux

I think Howard Dean had a very good point when he observed (and this is a paraphrase, not a direct quote) that the gun laws which make sense for Montana are not the same gun laws that make sense for New York, and thus gun control is an issue best left to the states to decide.

Works for me.

tim huffman

If you own a gun, and the government has you surrounded, your gun will function primarily as a license for the government to kill you. A membership card in the ACLU is a much better shield against bullets fired by government agents than a stack of guns eye high.

Eric Coobs

Sometimes you can't have it both ways. Either you think Hillary would be a great President, or you want to keep your guns. Which one is it?


Eric, that's the point. It's not an exclusive-or vote. Hillary supports gun control for those who want gun violence to not be a part of their lives. Duh. That means making New Yorkers want to vote for her. Assuming anything else is really kinda pathetic.

Hillary doesn't want to take away your guns. Hillary can't take away your guns. Hillary won't take away your guns. Trying to incite the weak-willed to believe so is really kinda icky, and almost evil.

Eric Coobs

I don't trust gun-grabbers - from either party. I've got more guns than I need and less than I want, so call me a single issue voter!

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