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April 27, 2006



Now you've done it. You'll have peace no more.

I know you'll hate that...


The traffic came because you were the first to openly call Morrison a hypocritical pussy. Now that you have said what everyone was thinking, others will be able to say what they think without it being an act of courage. When people read your posts, they were nodding their heads up and down because they knew you spoke the truth. Time for Democrats to support representative democracy, time for Tester.


Hey! I link to you all the time! I like typing exclamation points!

It's funny what people pick up and run with. My big post was when a Nazi posted a comment on my site. I mean, c'mon, people! What about my lovely one-act play starring Budge? No one appreciates art. They want pussy and Nazis.

Oh yeah, I don't buy the Tester farming thing. That's some major spin you did, dude. The guy's running for Senate fer chrissakes. The future of the world depends on his winning that seat. Surely he can find someone to do the planting for him?


touchstone ... hehe hehe. I'm not going anywhere near the Budge thing. He's not altogether right in the head. Just sayin'.

And, as for Tester, I will yet again bring up one name: Cincinnatus


touchstone, I was amused by the play. Darkly amused, but amused nonetheless.

Wulfgar!, note new e-mail address, please.


Actually, I understood the Cincinnatis reference better than the one you just posted. I like that Tester is a working stiff like most of the rest of us (rather than a lawyer or political hack). I was just expressing my concern that without some kind of work toward building name recognision or a voter base, Tester will lose to the more politically savvy operators like Morrison.

I do respect Tester but without the votes on election day, he will go back to his farm and Morrison (or worse, Burns) will go to Washington as Montana's Senator.




Folks like Wulfgar don't understand how to win elections. I've found that over the last few years reading blogs like this and Matt's. The problem is that they cling to these unrealistic ideals, which is why so many of the candidates they support rarely win--they choose fellow idealist candidates that also cling to idealistic campaign strategies. Bad in though, and even worse in practice.

Every minute Tester spends on his farm is another vote for Morrison. Every bail of hay he collects is a greater chance that he will be doing it for another 6 years.


And Wulfar, while your little pizza analogy is cute, it lacked one crucial fact: How can Tester be coming to my door to talk about wheat and pizza if he is farming?

Matt Singer

NA -- Show me who exactly on our side does know how to win.


"Every bail of hay"...
Um, "bale", ok?

Kudo's Rob, you deserve it.


Schweitzer knows how to win. And he won because he didn't flaunt the fact that he's a Democrat, something which you partisan hacks are so quick to accuse Morrison of.

Rob--nit picking over grammar is a sure sign that you know I'm right--you have nothing of substance to say, only superficial critiques.


na, if'n I ever decide to nitpick your grammer, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. You on the other hand, would be best served to pay attention to who you are addressing in conversation. That was Tony, not me.

Furthermore, na, posting from Seattle University, I'd admonish you not to use familiars in conversation if you yourself are choosing to remain anonymous. See how that works?

When I choose to critique what you have to say, trust me, you'll know it.



You're still focusing on superficial elements of my posts--who I adressed, my grammar, and what you could do if you really wanted to reply. Stop dealing with bs like this and answer me how the pizza-selling Tester analogy works if he isn't going door-to-door.


You must be such a pleasant party guest! Do you actually make petulant little demands of your host? When I have the time to repsond in detail, I will ... IF I choose to.


The time you've spent on cute rhetoric could have been used towards making a thoughtful, straight-forward argument.

I thought I could get a serious response from you, something that other MT bloggers are much more willing to provide.

Matt Singer

Schweitzer won by doing a number of things. A big part of how he did it is clearly standing for something, a topic that I'll write more about soon.

Morrison's best policy is small business health insurance pooling. Burns is currently a co-sponsor of legislation at the federal level that allows small business to pool to buy health insurance.

What's the next card up Morrison's sleeve?


Small businesses and helath insurance are Morrison's two priorities. Morrison is picking his battles--he isn't runnign around, commenting on every issue, but if you want an opinion from him, he has one ironed out for most (not all, I admit) issues.


I gotta call bullshit on the last statement. Morrison seems incapable of making a stand on any issue except the small business insurance. He certainly won't talk about it to anyone if he does.

More and more, you sound like someone working for the Morrison Camp. If Wulfgar hadn't posted that you were posting from Seattle University, I would ask what your job title was in Morrison's organization.


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