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April 12, 2006



Someday, I will say something stupid just to hear you clear it up.....
I am a strong believer in the earth having reached a point of no return. I have never thought of the atmosphere as being permanent-its seems far too volatile and thin...but thats just me.
And a bunch of wierd things happening.


The WSJ article is being discussed here, if you're interested.


I got into this exact same argument over Global Warming and media bias right after the Newsweek article came out a couple of weeks ago. I feel for you, bro. It is truly scary how the argument I got into sounded so similar to the one you had with Geeguy. It also never fails to amaze me when I run into someone quite so Hard of Reading as well as Hard of Thinking...



My favorite line from Geeguy... "Global Warming is a falsity perpetrated by the left."

That is my personal winner of the "Stupid Statement" for the day...



I had to double check. Surely he wouldn't counter your claims by quoting someone who agrees with you. Sure enough. He did.

ImAMoron.net...... Still available....... So tempting.....

Eric Coobs

He's a tough act to follow all right!


The objective of industry propaganda surrounding global warming has been to muddy the waters. They've succeeded.

Hoo the Doo

Let's see, you assert several times that it is beyond question that man is causing global climate change, and this gee guy posts an article by an expert who disputes that, and your big slam is that the expert agrees with you? That seems like a pretty obvious disagreement to me.

But I guess that's easy to understand from a blogger whose only rhetorical tools seem to be the assumption that he's incapable of a fallacious argument and that the other guy is dumb.


Hoo the Doo, you are also reading challenged. That is the entire point of this post; geeguy grossly (and foolishly overreaches himself precisely because at no single point do I say that mankind causes global warming. But thanks for playing.

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