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April 07, 2006


outside counsel

How can you say "I've seen no evidence that Morrison did anything "wrong" (other than the obvious affair) but I really don't like the way this smells." To find the wrong, start by reading Morrison's press release:

"Dec. 11, 2002
Helena - State Auditor John Morrison today ordered David J. Tacke to stop issuing, offering and selling stock in his company, Venue Tech, which (need description of company).
Morrison alleges that Tacke, along with other agents of the company, has illegally sold more than $6 million in Venue Tech stock.
"We strongly favor promoting business interests in Montana," said Morrison, Montana's securities commissioner. "But we cannot allow it to be done in a manner that harms investors."

So, after taking a "firm" stand on preventing harm to investors, what does Morrison do? First, he initiates a cease and desist order against Tacke, even though he had an affair with Tacke's fiance (now wife). Then he hand-picks an attorney loyal to his political cause to pursue the case, instead of having a disinterested person pick the attorney. Next, he admittedly directs the case and sits in on settlement discussions, telling staff to let the patient live while they cut out the cancer.

Surely Morrison's orders to his staff and outside attorney, given with his admitted conflict of interest, were motivated by his desire to keep his Mistress from disclosing their affair. That's also why he took her calls at his office during the case against Tacke, because love hath no enemy like a woman scorned. Better to let Tacke continue his business so that the truth doesn't come out about Morrison's extramarital affair.

All this and Morrison still has the audacity to claim that he got a good result, even though NONE OF THE HARMED INVESTORS GOT THEIR MONEY BACK, TACKE PAID NO FINE, and TACKE'S COMPANY DIED ANYWAY. Good result? I don't think so. Sounds more like an abortion than cancer surgery.

And to think that all along Morrison has been slinging mud at Conrad Burns, saying Conrad lacks integrity. I guess if Black Pot John slings enough mud, he can at least try to make Kettle Conrad look Black. I agree with Morrison, we do need honesty and integrity in DC. We now know that we won't find it in him.

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