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April 17, 2006


Derek M. Koch

An interesting post, definitely . . . What are your thoughts on this talk of 'The Gospel of Judas' surfacing? Brenda and I got a little caught up in the National Geographic-created buzz (conspicuously tied to Corpse-on-a-Stick Day), but I'd be interested in hearing your take on it . . .


Well...it's good to see that the power of the world's great democratic force is once again being used for such pragmatic purposes. I admit, there are times when blogs reach there full potential and dig at issues that go untouched by the traditional media. It's this search that keeps people like me pouring through them day after day when they should be working.
And then there are times like this when I pray to the god of all things web that she would provide a mandatory editor to every bloated ego, two bit, junior college philosophy student who can no longer fight the urge to publish the "truth" about god and life.
Give me a break. Are you so taken with your every opinion that you think the issues that every soul in human history has grappled with will at last be settled on your shitty little corner of cyberspace?


I just love folks who feel the need to take blogs "down a notch". One wonders how they'd fill their lives without blogs to trash. I imagine them back in the 80's going door to door admonishing people for their choices in landscaping.

"You call this a lawn? It's pathetic. And I've seen more creative use of bedding plants at 7-11. Don't hold your breath waiting for "Home & Garden" magazine to do your cover story."

Although I am surprised to find out the your occasional musing are now considered "the world's great democratic force". I guess congrats are in order.


Woot! Go ME!

I do feel cheated, though, Jon. Your lady gets the readership of murderous cannibals and I just get trolls. That's hardly fair.


I'm real sorry guys. In retrospect I really need beg of your forgiveness.
First, I went searching around the internet hoping I might find something to trash. And then (uninvited)I inserted myself into your private conversation with Don, not unlike an 80's guy complaining about people's flower beds (huh?).
And while I was obviously referencing the internet as a whole when I said "the world's great democratic force", I can now see how there may have been some confusion. I guess I'll take my troll-like comments elsewhere and leave the "reality based community" the way I found it.


Ha!!! We showed him. He didn't know who he was messing with. Look at him scuttle away. We rock!


And I'm also feeing a bit slighted that I didn't get any linky love from the cannibal. Several others on MeFi got linked to. Why not me?

I sort of miss the diet coke days when the lunatics would come out of the woodwork to tell me what an asshole I was for suggesting people drink Diet Coke. Maybe the Internet has just gotten too big. It's so much harder now to connect with the wildly insane.

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