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April 18, 2006



Thanks for sharing. I'm still pissed that I couldn't go.

I'm going to admit something awful here, as well. I found myself angry that Morrison would attack Conrad so personally on issues of integrity, given Morrison's own foibles. Don't get me wrong, I don't give one salient shit about what Morrison did with his dick before this race. ... I like this guy, except when he expects me to forget who he is and what he's done. I can't, and I 'm sorry.



"In his closing statement, Morrison pointed out that he has the best chance of defeating Burns."

The "anyone but Bush" strategy gave us Kerry, a resounding, well-earned defeat, and four more years of Bush. If we fall back on Morrison because he has the best chance of beating Burns, while ignoring issues, we'll likely get a resounding defeat and six more years of Burns.

tim huffman

Feminine hands could be a problem in Montana. Just remember what happened to Lil' Boots Taylor in 2002.


Nice summary, Wulfgar!

Still, it feels like your opposition to Morrison is based on...intuition? A lot of the crit you offered against him was of physical impression -- hands, words -- and some emotional reaction to what he said. Tho' Morrison's comments on Mexicans and meth labs was pretty offensive, I admit. But then I think Tester's plan for illegals is impractical.


Thanks for the compliment.

While I still find myself neutral in this race, I find myself leaning into the Tester category for one reason only.

Morrison would not take a stance on the NSA, and then criticized the 1978 FISA statute as out of date. What he didn't say is that the statute is reveiwed every year and more often then not expanded on. Also if these are known terrorists, then why would there be a problem getting a warrant? Moreover the FISA court is very flexible in authorizing warrants from 1979-2004 over 18,000 wiretap warrants were authorized with 5 being rejected.

This is a very important issue to me, and I got to say I think Morrison blew it.

Eric Coobs

I wish it would have been televised, for those of us who were too busy to go to Bozeman.

Good summary - although it surprises me that they didn't go at each other a little bit, since after all, two of them will lose the primary.


I tried to get it televised, but to be honest few people take a college girl with a weird name seriously. I was pleased with the press that it got.

You're right about two of them losing the primary. But you missed the point that they are united to defeat Burns and are thus not going to go after each other. Its self-defeating.

steve kelly

Need a factual reason to doubt Morrison? He voted over 100 times with Racicot and Martz on land board timber sales while Bud Clinch (DNRC director, former timber lobbyist, and currently a coal industry lobbyist) almost doubled the annual "sustained-yield" logging target (quota) on school trust lands. When it comes to state forests, the mill owners come first with John Morrison. No question about it, this guy is very Baucus-like on the environment.

- steve kelly


Thank you, Steve. That's the kind of information I've been casually looking for in the media ... and found it sorely lacking.

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