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March 22, 2006


Eric Coobs

Thanks for noticing. I've been crazy-busy lately, but I've got a few good teammates.

Rome wasn't built overnight, and neither will be our conservative blog!

Yes, I will be promoting Senator Burns, because he's done a great job for Montana and has earned my support!

If each day I were to post a positive thing Senator Burns has done for Montana over the last 12 years I'd never get done before election day!

Stop by once-in-a-while.



Eric, excuse my glee, but I look forward to each and every post.


Don Pogreba

I'll admit I'm torn. On one hand, I don't want to promote the site, but on the other hand, there are days when I've got writer's block. What's Right in Montana will always give me something to poke fun at. :)


It seems that Eric (and others) have already moved forward posting Burns friendly articles to the site (probably in answer to your post here...). As of the time I am writing this, the last two articles are about Burns. The utter stupidity of both articles is self evident.



Rob, I see great and funny posts in your future...but I am sure that Eric's new blog will go the way of DBTLB's...
having a great life out here so far, new blog but NO politic's....
Take care and if you ever get out this way....

Eric Coobs

Comedy gold? Please enlighten me. Exactly where would the government get the authority to take over hospitals, insurance companies, drug companies, or clinics?

And if you remember how passionately Governor Schweitzer was about prescription drug prices, maybe you'll cite some examples of how he's fixed the system now that he's in office.

It just goes to show you that the Democrats are willing to say whatever they think you'll believe, on any particular day, for the purposes of a campaign! The problem is that one day you'll start thinking for yourself, and you'll become a former Democrat, like most Montanans!


Now Eric, you're equivocating here. You were arguing what was possible for the government to do, and now you're arguing that they don't have the authority to do it (what is practical for the govt. to do.) Those are two different arguments, and completely beside your own point. You never wrote at all about what Morrison's plans were; you simply set up a Straw-man and then rightiously knocked it down ... with out ever dealing with the object of your post, John Morrison.

And now, you're really diving into the irrational argument pool, by bringing up a completely unrelated object, Brian Schweitzer. You further confound yourself by attempting to equate his role as Governor with the promises he made while running for the US Senate. One of these things is not like the other. The governorship is state level, the Senate is Federal. The Governor is an executive, the Senate is legislative. If this is your proof as to the actions of all Democrats, then I suggest you're only serving weak sauce.

Call me strange, but I find poor argumentation really funny. Hence, comedy gold.

Matt Singer

Actually, the Montana legislature passed a pretty big prescription drug bill this last session that came out of the Governor's office. Senate President Jon Tester sponsored it.

I'm sure it was overlooked in the flurry of problem-solving that happened. It didn't get quite the attention of Brian's new scholarship program, the new small-business health insurance program that Morrison put together and Tester got passed, or the new energy legislation put together by the Tester-Schweitzer team, but it was there.

Failed leadership?

The Democratic legislature accomplished more in 90 days than Judy Martz did in her entire life.

Gee Guy

Thanks for the links, Rob. I apreciate them. Sorry I don't get over here more, but yur jus too durn smart fer me. Most of the stuff you post, I cant even unnerstand.

Mebbe if i wurk hard and study hard, some day I will be as smrt as a leftwing blogger, cite my political opinions as premises, and then mak conclusery and seudo-logikal argumnts from them.

Are you sure yur not on the Montana Supreem Court?

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