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March 20, 2006


Lovely Bone

I see your pint about Feingold. I like him enough to think that the DLC will probably go out of its way to jettison him.


Yeah, Monica is a really great person. I knew her from back in her MCN days before politics and she has never changed since then. She is a really good person.

Eric Coobs

Politically Lindeen has nothing to lose, but I don't see her doing any better, or getting any more party support than Tracy Velasquez got. The 'Head-Democrats-in-charge' will send their support to other races, and not waste their cash on a lost cause.


Denny can go home to spend his twenty-six million dollars that we don't know how he acquired them.


Eric, that's true, but I do know Monica has raised more than Tracy did, so I know she is really giving it everything she has. I think you are right though...efforts are going to go to other places. Too bad really. She is a good leader.

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