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March 24, 2006



I was going to run for Connie's seat, but like the governor, I couldn't get to a tropical island in time to file.

Oh well, everybody that Tester has talked to is already sold anyway, and he has been out talking to Democratic groups that Morrison hasn't gotten around to RSVP'ing yet.

John Morrison is doing a really good job where he is at, and I appreciate that, but he does not seem to be prepared to make the 2006 Senate race.


Actually, while it is a good description, that's not very nice to pineapples - if you cut their tops off, you can plant the spiky green part & it will grow a pretty plant and a new pineapple (ok, not in Montana, but it works in Florida!) but if we cut Burnsies top off, we'd be lucky to grow maggots (after all, they have to have something to eat that isn't money). I think his "folksy nature" gives the worst impression possible on Montanans...


Thanks for alerting me to this article. I've been anxiously awaiting my RS issue, and Taibbi doesn't disappoint. He rarely does.


The Rolling Stones magazine isn't the only people having an issue with Burns. Last week I was witness to conversation between a number of random people waiting to mail a package at the post office and the talk was definitely NOT supportive of Burns. This kind of surprised me considering the rather conservative slant to my local community.


I think that Burns gets a free pass from the Montana media - sure, they've been regurgitating things written nationally on the Abramoff scandal as if it were original investigative reporting. But they've done damned little of their own coverage - any interviews? Any burrowing around behind the scenes, talking to ex-staff, snooping around the hill? No - nothing like that goes on. Burns, who should live in a fish bowl, lives in a private palace. We don't know who is financing him, lobbying him, what bills he's pushing, who is visiting him, where he and his staff are spending their Sundays. Thank God for parts of the national media that are on the ball, or all that we would know of Burns would be his 30 second propaganda spots.

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