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March 16, 2006



Here's why I think women's "armor against lust" is absent from this article: women are poor, defenseless creatures who don't have inner warriors. That is, they need big, strong men to draft legislation, ban all improper lust-creating images and devices from sight, to help remove all potential for lust from women's path.


Time to go back to class, moron.


Oh, Dean. I feel so chastised. Whatever will I do?


OMG, I actually saw you standing on a pulpit, shaking your hand in the air!!! The nasal southern twang coming out of your mouth during that sermon was most disconcerting, to say the least.

I loved it!

Let's all give him a rousing 'AMEN, Brother!!"


I do tend to think that repressed sexual urges are more dangerous than open ones, as they come out in other ways, like beating up on gays and Arabs, for instance.


AMEN! Hallelujah, Brother Wulfgar! Praise the Lord!

[Heh. That was almost as good as George Carlins takeoff of the anti-porn crowd: "... prick holes in the stiff front erected..." :-)]

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