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December 16, 2005



Excellent, I say, Excellent. I should run for the legislature, I'd get a raise! Just kidding, but I'm not all that concerned with "holiday preperations", unless those preparations contain large quantities of liquor. I'd drag that sucker out 'till spring if I could get the open container law and the smoking ban repealed. Don't you just love people that get a job, but then don't want to do it. I applaud the governor's plan, it wasn't original, but it was still a good idea.


Quoth Walt Kelly: "We have met the enemy and (s)he is us."


Ugh. You definitely got this in the right category: Deeply Stupid.

Where are the precious Sinruds from? I don't know HD 67.


Thinking of the people I work with everyday and the troubles they have I'm having a real hard time even giving a crap about the horrible holiday season the Sinrud's will have because the Gov. took two days away from such self-absorbed fools.

There are people who have nothing to give their children and nowhere warm to sleep this holiday season and I'm supposed to feel sorry for her?

I want to tell her to kiss my a$$ but I won't because I know how you are about swearing on your blog. ;-)

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah my friend!


I'm sickened. She has a better understand of military spouses now? Because for those whole two days she lived with the anxiety of wondering if the next knock on the door would present an Army officer doing the worst duty in the Army? She spent those two days dreading to answer the phone, in case it was a call that would tell her that her husband had lost his life to those nasty, tree-hugging, pacifist, gun-hating liberals on the floor of the MT Congress in war torn Helena?

I tell you that analogy dishonors every single person that has ever served and their families.

As far as being low paid. Let's look at the numbers: A PFC (E-3) maxes out at $1641.00 a month. Add in hazard pay of $225 and it is $1866. Now let's assume 30 days in a month. At the current operational tempo, our troops currenly get about 1 day in 7 off and are on the go from 16-20 hours per day (my father, brother, and various friends just got back from Iraq in the last couple of months). So being generous they'll work 26 days a month at 16 hour/day. That's 416 hours worked a month. $1866/416 = $4.48/hour in a dangerous job. Of course, they get $250,000 when they die, and free health insurance, which makes it all worth it.

One the downside, all those serving in Iraq won't be home for the 24rd or 25th of December, much less the vital 14th, 15th, and 16th of December!

Ed Kemmick

I'm ashamed at you, picking on half-wits.

Ryan G

I'm ashamed at you, picking on half-wits.
Posted by: Ed Kemmick

They're just such easy targets...

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