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November 22, 2005



Thanks for the kind word, old friend. Not necessary, but appreciated nonetheless.

As the guy in the movie said, "Some men, you just can't reach."


"And to those of you out there who urge us all to ignore Michelle's ethnicity or gender when calling her on her bullshit, I have one response: kiss my ass."

Are you disagreeing with Neiwert or someone else?


Actually, Jeff, I am somewhat disagreeing with David. He has the time and wherewithall to take Michelle to task, with fully linked and polite analysis. Great. No problem. Except that he's just being ignored. And telling the rest of us that we can't butt in, 'cause we're not arguing in the "correct" way, is just arrogant and meaningless. He's protecting his intellectual turf, and I'm all for that. Problem is, he ain't the boss a' me, or anyone else. I think Malkin is evil, loathsome. Sometimes, you just have to pick a fight, in order to win against the vile. Erudite and excrutiatingly pointed linky jabs may not accomplish that. Pointing out, in sharply insulting and rude terms, that she's a lying righty suck-up might just have the desired effect. After all, that's what got her to admit that she's a liar about her husband's contribution to her web-wise fame.


Did it, though? It looks like Malkin is conflating past insults she's received with the accusations by Malkin Watch and on the radio. Maybe those past insults contributed, but it certainly seems like her behavior can be explained by the fact that it's a subject she's touchy about (I'd be touchy too if I was being praised for writing material I didn't write).

Sorry if I'm making you repeat yourself, but I want to make sure I'm not attributing something to you that you don't agree with: are you approving of the sort of racist, sexist comments Dave is taking issue with?


I just thought some light trash talk was in order,Junior. See ya Thursday!


Nice takedown on the "MT" angle, Wulfgar.


No, Jeff, I'm not defending the racist or sexist comments that Michelle so likes to promote as the only arguments against her. What I take issue with are those who see her as the lying windbag she is, and yet council that we all treat her with kid gloves, such that she have no ammo to fire back. Shit oh dear, if she has no ammo she'll make some up, and we'll still end up looking like sexist or racist hooligans. It doesn't matter if "we" play fair because she won't ... period. If someone wants to call her a cunt, or a bitch, or a self-hating asian whity-wannabe, I don't care. Really, I don't. Because she will call herself such, and attribute the insults to others, regardless. She is immoral, corrupt, and vile. Attacking such a creature while telling others what methods are acceptable for the defense is just ... silly. She is a proven liar. Telling those who would point that out that they may only do so in a particular manner is arrogant, and offensive to me.

And Mark, it's been a very long time since I have so looked forward to TurkeyDay. We gonna have fun, dude. That is, I will have fun when Anderson runs for 120 yards against the Texas star defense ... heheheheheh.


Noted and noted about Craig.
Go team? Sorry, never got into football but if yer rootin', Im rootin'!

(ps) I think you may have feelings for Malkin... :)


You have to admit, she is kinda hot. ;)


Thats too far Justin.... :)

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