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November 19, 2005



Sorry that I'm fashionably late - but it has nothing to do with fashion, you devil worshipper, you.


What? Attempt to drive traffic to your own website? You should be ashamed of yourself. This is an affront to humanity. I mean, after all, we DO make so much money off of these blogs don't we? Hell, I should be retiring any day now, I'm sure you've just about got your bank account filled to capacity as well. Everyone knows that we just do this for the money, money which is directly related to how many hits we get, right? Sorry to bust the proverbial bubble blog pundits, we don't get payed squat. The reward for a blogger is seeing evidence that something he/she wrote is being enjoyed by at least somebody. When we write something or come up with an idea that's enjoyed by a lot of somebodies it's just that much more fun and rewarding. Now, thanks to wulfgar, we all get to see who's attracting the most somebodies and maybe learn a thing or two about how to improve our own blogs. What a selfish bastard he is for spending so much time helping all of us improve. wulfgar, you should be ashamed. ;)

If you read this and think it's funny then you should go to asifyougiveadamn.blogspot.com and read the rest of the drivel that I've laid out for the enjoyment of the online world. I'm not above a good old fashioned shameless self plug, this is a blatant effort to direct more traffic to my site, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?


OMG! This was all JUST A PRANK!!?? You were just trying to get traffic???

[Why didn't I think of that . . . ]

Thanks Wulfgar, for the idea, and the work. And I hope you got and get lots and lots and lots of hits.



Jason, I like to attract the "nobodies" they're much more fun than the "somebodies".


uhh - sorry Justin - I don't even know a Jason. . . I kept calling Troy the Goat Jason too. . . Freudian slip, I wish that I could remember who the heck Jason is - he must have been "somebody".


Yah- Beavers! WooHoo!!



Bank accounts have a finite capacity? That explains SO MUCH about mine. ;)


I agree Karen, we nobodies gotta stick together. ;)

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