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November 19, 2005



About the "more inside" thing: don't you have two entry boxes, one for introduction and one for extended or something like that? That's what I remember from my MT days. Maybe you need to enable advanced post settings or something similar.


I've tried that, and I appear to be inept. Or, these are features only offered to premium customers. Or, I'm just inept.

I don't think I get it, but I'll keep trying.


Hi Wulfgar -- go to the TypePad page for writing a new post. At the bottom of the box, just under the green stripe, there will be a link to "Customize the display of this page." Click on that and a box will come up offering a range of options, including "Post screen configuration -- Custom".

Try that.


They don't appaer to offer these options for us lowly "basic" website users. The only thing I get is a choice for text only or WYSIWYG display. But, with the traffic this polling is getting me, I may have to upgrade anyway ... ;-)


Ah. Well, it's worth it.


Hey, Wulfgar! Did you get my email?

Sheila N

Ok, my vote in on #13 only & you win that one, Wulfgar.

Sheila N

Ok, my vote is on #13 only & you win that one, Wulfgar.

Sheila N

Ok, totally did NOT mean to vote twice! Sorry! My computer and I don't get along well some days and this is one of them...


OK- my votes:

1)a...Spun & Spinning
2)b...Spun & Spinning
11)...What I Think (as if you give a damn)
13)...Spun & Spinning

That's about it because I'm not too familiar with Montana websites/blogs. Yet.

Thanks for the opportunity to vote!


I vote for Sharon of Watermark's weblog as #13 best of the best.


For #13 Goes to Sharon's Watermark

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