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May 04, 2005


Aaron Weissman

Hate is hate. It will never go away altogether. All things being equal, I like the odds of 28,000 v. 157, as long as a significant portion of the 28,000 remain engaged that the 157 are a problem.

So, we have a vicious mob of 157 schmucks. Such a defeat can not go well with their ego. Keep on telling them that they are not welcome!

Arcane Radical

I think most of Mcguire's supporters were pretty clueless about the National Alliance and its ultimate goals. I think most probably fell into 2 categories,
1) the true racists who believe his lies about what he really stands for and believe the white race are now the victims
2) the kind of conservatives this state abounds with who just want to hear the "liberals" squeal. We see plenty of that with anti-environmentalists. I call them Face Spiters, they are quite willing to cut off their conservative noses to spite their liberal faces.

I do agree that its a shame he got so many votes. I have lived in Bozeman since 1999 and usually leave the school board voting to parents of school age children. Not this time.
Arcane Radical


Like you, Wulfgar!, I am surprised that McGuire got as many votes as he did and have been wondering who those people are. For instance, someone I know told me that he toyed with the idea of voting for Kevin as a slap in the face of all of us who promote tolerance -- because we are intolerant of Kevin. That kind of circular logic drives me crazy! How can we tolerate hatred, and how is intolerance of hatred a bad thing? At any rate, we need to remain aware of the National Alliance and what they are up to in our community.


Well it is a good thing his political ambitions were silenced for now. Thouugh I agree it is very troubling when someone like that gets so many votes. But again he wasnt running on a straight national alliance platform was he? Or if he was he cloakeed in typical coded phrases that most republican voters wouldnt what it was about. I think most people are just plain ignorant about their elected officals. I think the phrase we are looking for is he looked like such a nice young man. But it is good that the National alliances invasion has been stopped for a while. though I am sure they are cooking up some ghastly schemes in their trailers somwhere so we must be vigialant. SO party on saturday?


Party on Saturday, dude.

Alex Reynolds

Thank you, Bozeman.

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