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April 22, 2005


Sheila N

I agree, with a little addition - Roger Coopman is actually a male chauvinist pig complete freaking nutcase...

Sheila N

Oh, I did spell COOPman wrong - going with the whole chicken theme I guess...




It's obviously not my district but stay on this and let us know when Vincent starts a website or actual campaign, I'd love to contribute.


To unseat the nutjob, I would contribute as well.

I am glad that Vincent is thinking of running. He made a great impression on me when he was campaigning for governor, even against Brian. He seems like he understands exactly what old Koop doesn't. Montanans will sometimes let you get away with BS, but not if you then rub it in their faces. Wanker.


Haha, sorry I missed that Wulfgar. I knew the news was a little dated, but figured I'd relate it being that I'd spent considerable time talking trash about the Rep's performance during the previous week.


Honestly not a problem, I was just pokin' a stick atcha'. Seriously, I love what you folks are doing at LitW. Please keep it up.


Send Koopman up to the Poconos... some counties here ARE crack smokin' crazy! If he's a Republican and has a pulse, he can win.

Mark Wilson

Down with Koopman, up with somebody who isn't crazy!

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