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April 21, 2005



Nice work Wulfgar. I've had the privilege to spend a few days around Rep. John Parker and I have absolutely no doubts that he was offended. I've known very few civil servants who are as dedicated to the people that they serve than Mr. Parker.


This is the best legislative blog post I have read in the last 90 days. Parker deserves a bottle of single-malt. How he chooses to use the bottle, once empty, is none of my concern :-)
Thanks Wulfgar!


Dave Budge

Now I don't know diddly about these two guys but I'll stick to my non-partisan guns warning all never to underestimate the stupidity of elected officials. You make my case quite well. Not quite as well as Kooperman however.

And as I agree with you on the greater thesis here I have to take exception to one little matter. I share your disdain for Hannity and Coulter, but at least Jonah has,besides an education in political philosophy, a sense of humor even if he writes with smug condescension. That, however, is common to many prattling pundits of both the left and right.


Whenever a post can echo my thoughts exactly, but in a much better way that makes me bellow with laughter... Well, that's perfection. This whole thing just tickled me. (your post, not the situation it describes--that had another affect) P.S. What radio station do you listen to?


KMMS here in Bozeman.


That man is so ridiculous I always imagine him as one of those overplumes Dr. Seuss birds. You know the ones who are so overly vain that they can't fly.

Thanks Wulfgar.


overplumed. Preview is good, granny bad.


A bit late in the comments - but any rant that references Dennis the Repressed gets high marks in my book!

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