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April 14, 2005



Curses! Foiled again! You win this round, Wulfgar!



You both lose, suckas: http://www.mtpolitics.net/archives/1076



Ah-ha! NOW I remember where I first heard about this dog -- as I read the MeFi thread, I could have sworn that he had gone to the Great Big Doghouse In The Sky, but couldn't be sure.

And Rob, looks like Craig is getting a little big fer his britches, eh?



Well, to his credit, another dog actually turned up the link to the Tech site; not me.


Ehhhh, Craig deserves those big britches.


More to the point: these days, Craig needs big britches!


Ah, the Auditor! Just thought I'd share this: Last year we printed did some wide format printing for The Auditor Foundation. The group gave each of us a gift, so my cupboard now sports a Cobalt Blue Coffee Mug with the Auditor's likness on it.

I remember Rose (my boss) telling me that people tried to catch him numerous times over the years so they could shave him and attend to his sore feet but no one was ever able to catch him. The people of Butte have a soft spot in their hearts for this guy. Everyone there seems to have a story about the Auditor.

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