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March 25, 2005



"Unlike most people blogging the event, I WANT a T-Rex to be cloned, bad idea though it might be. I'd love to see such an animal."

Well, we have the end of Jurassic Park 2 to guide us if anything goes wrong.


More data on T. Rex from the biology blogs. Thrilled doesn't adequately describe their reaction.

Kate S.

No shit? Soft tissue and blood from a dig? That's incredible! Too bad the religious right doesn't believe in cloning, the prez needs more collateral damage to send into battle. These guys could be like an awesome platoon of giant tanks with teeth.

Kate S.

Oh, that was a dinotour most excellent, linkosaurus. Thank you!

David Summerlin

I'd like to respectfully point out that pettitioning voters to get your name on a ballot is also part of the democratic process, the idea being that if enough people are interested in what you represent, you should be able to throw your hat in the electoral ring.

Therefore refusing to sign his petition would not defeat the system. The system is this: if you support an idea or candidate, you petition. If you don't support it, don't participate in the petition. It helps weed out the nut jobs early in the process.

Putting absolutely anything and everything in the voters' hands during a general election cycle does not serve the system well. The petition is also a kind of vote.


You just got a little more famous, guy.


"Too bad the religious right doesn't believe in cloning..."

How about the fact the religious right (creationists) doesn't believe dinosaurs ever existed?! Think how it will play out when they're standing in the streets still denying the existence of a T-Rex as it chomps the guy next to them.

Maybe it'll consider white supremists to be a delightful delicacy.

I'm with you Bro, wouldn't it be great to see one?!

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