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February 28, 2005



Having suffered gout intermittently over the past 20 years, I know whereof I speak when I tell you to go see a doctor and get some 50mg caps of indomethacin. It's an anti-inflammatory which works like a magic bullet for my gout. One or two pills six hours apart (or whatever the suggested time frame is) and the pain is gone, the uric crystals are broken up, and you're walking normally again.


Sometimes, Wulfgar is all about the pain.

Hang in there old friend.

I share your frustration with the direction our country has taken. It's one of the main reasons I've dropped out recently. I just can't live in a country run by, and for, religious fundamentalists and corporations. And yet I love my country and am proud to be an American.

But the rich get richer. Limbaughesque lies become official government policy. And the common man, the poor, the blacks, the gays, the voices of dissent ............ are left outside the gates to stare at the new corporate empire, and listen to the speeches about freedom and liberty.

I always thought that in America freedom and liberty were the empire of the common man. Now liberty is a code word for "what the Bible teaches", and freedom is has been stripped of meaning by the new Orwellian Justice Department.

As pathetic as it may be, I choose to jack in, log on, and drop out.

I wish I had faith that something as vile as Bush & Co wouldn't last. But it seems too much like the Dark Ages for me to feel confident about that. As the oil dries up, and fundamentalist crusades drive national policy, and civil rights lose to security, and our debt economy fails, who's to say we won't fall into the same cycle of decay that turned the Roman Empire into a feudal oligarchy?

So. Not feeling strangely, but rather, torpid.


Or you could just get Warcraft and forsake reality entirely with its addictive monster killing.
Nah, probably a bad idea. Who would be silly enough to do that?


Do you want to solve your gout problem? Suck it up, see a doctor and have him/her prescribe Allopurinol 100mg daily and you'll be surprised at how things will change.
I have suffered with gout for several years now and nothing worked for me until I started taking Allopurinol.
Trust me on this one.


OUCH! Sorry you are in pain.


Personally, I recommend drinking heavily, but then again, that's my prescription for everything.



My thoughts are with you! I,too, am disillusioned with my government and much of the mess our country is in. I am trying to figure out what I can do to solve it and get frustrated and yes,even cranky.
I wish you much luck with the dieting and with fixing all your health issues. I know we don't keep in touch very much but I would like you around for a very long time. I guess I take it for granted that you, Jon, Mike, and Mark will be always be there. I cherish our friendships and want you to know that if there is anything I can do to help make any of your pain better, please let me know!
Peace, Light, love, and Joy!


As the mother of one of the "four muskeeters" I have to tell you that you've made me feel so much more like a "fifth" than an oldster, and I thank you for that. Thank you also for being able to express that "strangeness" that we all feel at times and are unable to put into words or deal with. Like you and Priestess, I'm looking forward to our June time together because it reinforces our feelings that we'll always "be there" for each other. In that spirit I hope you'll be able to forget who asked you to come and take the time to visit with your grandmother while you still can...



I strongly recommend a visit to a doctor. I thought I had a very good doctor in Montana. My new physician, in Boise, after a few blood tests, had me have a bone scan. I was found to be have osteoporosis in various parts of my body. This was caused by a bad parathyroid that made my body drain calcium for my teeth, and bones. In Montana I had had gout, "hurting bones", weakness, and other problems. After a short operation to remove the bad parathyroid gland I have become a "better" person. I take calcium supplements, and vitamin D.

I checked back to blood tests I had in Montana. I have had a high calcium count in all blood tests for many years. My Montana doctor never saw this. I now ride a bicycle, on the streets, six days a week, lift weights and exercise. Lost thirty pounds, feel very good, and WE are healthy.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll in June. LOVE


Yes, there are many treatments for gout. But, find a doctor that is willing to find causes for for a problem. My doctor in Montana was following the usual path of using a drug to hide a problem. Takes time, and money to find a cause. Have good health insurance, a real doctor, and a good medical system. I found a surgeon, in Boise, who had pioneered the newest parathyroid surgery. After this procedure I felt thirty years younger!

Kate S.

Wow, dude, 50 pounds is your target goal? Good luck with that! I wholeheartedly support you!

I just started working out on the new Gazelle we dragged home from Sears. Last fall... I don't know if it's really doing anything because it is so easy, but I did notice my blood sugar levels dropping considerably and I'm not so cold anymore. We both have had gout for a long time now. A lot of it is dietary, believe it or not. A little research will help yield anti-gout diets (I don't want to depress you further in your comments.) Or, you could email me and I'll forward what I have. Life changes, man. Baby steps. Little modifications is all it takes. It's amazing what a little painless customizing can do for the health, physically, emotionally, bushcheneyocrity.

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