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February 09, 2005



Why is there no emoticon for sarcasm? I envison a twisting blade, with black drops (apostrophes, maybe?), used at the end of paragraphs. Hmm. Where's that "dagger" special function key?


Hmmm... and did Mrs. Sinrud write this, or did an aide of her husband's?

And how did she feel about the 87 billion taken out of our pockets to finance a war under false pretenses?

Every time I hear a 'Pubby whine about "money out of their pocket" on frivolous things (like feeding poor kids in school, for example), that question always comes to mind.

Sheila N

I couldn't have said it better!


Rob just to let you know. Reverend Wildmon is going to be here tommorow. the students are organzing a protest.

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