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February 24, 2005



Unfortunatly we live in a world filled with stupid people. I like to imagine that he follows through on that "gut insticnt" and gets the living daylights beat out of him by someone who turns out to be the worlds greatest philathropist.


I noticed that her previous post involves Churchill. I wonder why those quotes are selected out of the body of the whole speech. Could it be that when seen in context of the rest of it they have a different meaning then what she suggests? (Still searching for full text of speech)

Rocky Smith

Ms. Malkin's remarks are stupid, but I don't find Ward Churchill to be defensible either. Were the kids in the trade center day care center little "Adolph Eichmann's" too?


Rocky, that is the textbook definition of "moral equivalence". I've said nothing of Ward Churchill, and agree with you that much of what he's said and done is reprehensible. However, that has nothing to do with MM calling for the good folks of this nation to hassle anyone who scares them by a spooky look or demeaner. When Ward calls for the imprisonment of decent people just so that he can feel safer, I'll be happy to call him on it (as soon as I see his blog entry about it, or someone points it out to me).


Sorry, I didn't mean to derail, but he has been very clear about who the "Eichmann" analogy was for. CIA and FBI offices were in that building and that for the terrorists everyone else was, as our own government often says, collateral damage.

So far all of the stuff thrown at him has failed to stick as I actually go back and read went he's said, which seems to be too much trouble for a lot of people. The whole thing strikes me as a witchhunt so I've been trying to get at the truth of the matter. When someone's message boils down to "do onto others as you would have them do onto you" I find it sad that people wish to take it apart, twist it, and attempt to destroy the person that said it.

Kate S.

Nice of Michelle to give us an out. My gut reaction to anything out of her mouth is to throw her down on the ground and stomp her face off, but that wouldn't be nice. Or ladylike.

Still, it's the thought that counts, so, thanks, Michelle!

Mark Wilson

hmmmm, my gut instinct tells me that I should give Michelle a flying leap kick... I must be right, because its a gut instinct to hurt someone, which of course, is the American Way... Alright, where is she, so I can give her her Flying Leap Kick!

Rocky Smith

And does it bother you that Churchill claims to be American Indian when he is not?


Where in Michele's article did any of you get the impression she was advocating physically attacking the soon-to-be mass murderers? I read it and re-read it and didn't see any violence implied or expressed.

She most likely meant "listening to your gut instinct" and simply reporting them in order to keep them from getting on the plane.

"[L]istening to your gut instinct" may indeed be taken to mean attacking someone as you and your peanut gallery have proven. But not to everyone and certainly not to the more civil among us.


Spacemonkey, because you're sidestepping the point, you're contradicting yourself.

I read it and re-read it and didn't see any violence implied or expressed.

"[L]istening to your gut instinct" may indeed be taken to mean attacking someone as you and your peanut gallery have proven.

Hence, Michelle's quote does indeed imply violence, or any other absurd action like calling the police. "Hi, 911, this person looked at me wrong. 'Git em." What was engaged in here is called a Reductio ad Absurdum, showing that the premiss can or does lead to absurd consequence. When beginning with a premiss as stupid as "bad looking people should be acted against", it's not hard to argue this way.

And Rocky, no, Ward Churchill doesn't bother me in the least; even if he claimed he was space alien I would remain completely apathetic towards him. He impacts my life not one single bit. I would imagine that the same could be said by the vast majority of people who are screaming for Churchill's job (or head, I don't think it matters to them, just so long as they TAKE HIM DOWN!!!)

Rocky Smith

Ward Churchill got his job at Colorado by claiming to be Native American. Were you aware of that? He is not Native American- period. I have a problem with people misrepresenting their own credentials and benefiting from such lies (and I think it's illegal too?). What true Native American didn't get the job that Mr. Churchill ended up with? While I don't like the idea of Mr. Churchill filling the minds of our college students with his strident bullshit, he's entitled to his opinion. He IS NOT entitled to lie in order to get a teaching position in a publically funded university. You can support his calling people in our CIA, FBI and whatever other federal law enforcement people were in the twin towers as Adolph Eichmanns if you like. That's your right too. Maybe some of them were bad guys. I didn't know any of them. I doubt that the majority of them deserved the title though. Most law enforcement people I have met have been good, hard-working people. They strive to uphold the law and protect you and I. I believe his comment was intended to be controversial and get him attention. He got it.

My grandmother once told me never to speak evil of the dead. Grandma was a wise woman.

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