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February 01, 2005



Montana appears to be saddled with not only Harrison Himes but his talibanic co-conspirator, Dallas Erickson. And you are absolutely right, it is appalling that they get the media attention that they manage to garner. Don't these morons have real jobs to keep them busy?

(Side note: my remarks about Himes and Erickson on my blog, particularly the references to Dumbfuckistan, are a reference to the landscape in which these wankers live, not to Montana as a whole. I have friends in Montana and have even ventured a few times into Bozeman. I like the state.)


I have long been under the impression that this country does not have freedom of religion only freedom of Christanity. You can be any kind of Christian you want, but beware if you aren't.

Mark Wilson

Yeah, I get exasperated quite often, being a patriot, and not being a Christian... Having to argue that most of the founders of our country were free-masons and deists all the time, just... well... No-one ever listens to me. Anyway, you can't live with them... And while you can live without them, they are still a part of the country... Just a very loud, often very annoying part of our country. And just like I have to fight for the rights of nazi's(who I really don't like) to believe in what they believe in, so do I have to do the same for Fundies.(Who have been taking the fun out of fundamentalism since...)


Sorry I missed this earlier, but check this out:


I don't have a clue what homosexuality has to do with kindergarden, do you? Those folks need to get a life.


I live in the same town as Harris Himes and am well aware of his hateful opinions. I firmly believe in the right of free speech and its protection, but some of the statements I have heard him say border on inciting violence, mainly toward the gay and lesbian community.
He ran for the Hamilton School Board last year and thankfully wasn't elected, and this month he is running again for a different position in our schools. The only thing I can hope for, is that people in our community, no matter how they feel about homosexuality, will continue to recognize what a danger he is.


Having served proudly with Harris Himes in the Marine Corps, I am happy to see him fighting the good fight in Montana.

There are those of us who support conservative values, as well as God given values and I am proud of Harris Himes for his persistent efforts to preserve decency in Montana government. Keep up the good fight Harris!

Alan Hamilton aka: Sgt Hamilton

Margaret Mullaly

I think I can answer your question, Clif. I particularly enjoy testifying in the legislature and have testified on similar legislation. At the time I was testifying, I was a college-age person holding down four jobs. I think it is great for citizens to involve themselves in the political process-that's what America's all about, and it is our duty as Americans to be aware. Even small pieces of legislation that seem unimportant to some people are very important. You walk a mile by taking one step at a time, not one big leap. Bad legislation does not always appear all at once. I agree with Sgt. Hamilton. Keep up the good fight, Pastor.

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