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February 11, 2005



I thought that Bozeman, as a university town, wouldn't elect someone like Sinrud. I guess I was wrong. And he probably thinks that contraception ends a life as well.


I think one of the strongest difficulties plaguing this town (and County) is that it is more polarized than most of what pass for cities in Montana. We have Balyeat (both of them, actually representing Belgrade), Koopman, and Sinrud, both of whom live in Bozeman but represent the conservative districts to the West; but we also have Larry Jent, Micheal Wheat, Bob Hawks and Brady Wiseman, all very progressive (for Montana) Democrats, representing the city. If I get ambitious enough, I'll do a post about this, with links to their official congressional pages, just to clarify the commities they sit on, and the bills they are involved with. To be honest, it paints a pretty ugly picture of opposition and partisanship.

Mark Wilson

I'm still amused by the fact that Koopman knocked on my door when running... And I'm not in his district*grins* I always knew he was an arsehat... Meeting him in person just solidified the already very firm opinion, of his, well, I won't say anymore, just in case I get sued *grins* Yeah, we here at Bozeman are a strange and schizophrenic people... Sinrud has probably just played too many first person shooter games, and has become unhinged, and wishes to do his own vigilante justice...


Rob just to let you know it wasnt Rev Wildmon. It was Rev fred phelps. We sent them packing so quickly it was almost comedic. I love montana.


Dammit, man, tell me you took pictures!

Kate S.

Keep us posted on the outcome of this bill, Wulfie. This kind of thing is happening all over the country, wherever and whenever they can get away with it; like that idiot in Virgina who wanted to pass a law that required women who miscarried to file a death report with the police within 12 hours -- that establishes the fetus in the toilet as a human being, which gives the anti-abortionists legs on which to run to the next voting booth, the next legislative meeting.

Bit by bit, the rats are eating away at the bad ol' law that turns people "seeking health care" into baby killers. It's interesting to watch their state-to-state battle strategies. They have so many.

John Sinrud

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