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December 01, 2004



Miracle Whip is a salad dressing (it even calls itself that!). Best Foods and Hellman's are mayonnaises. In Hawai'i one of the cultural fault lines is whether you're a Best Foods or Miracle Whip user. ;)

What's happening out there in the election fallout? A tie in one race, delays in appointments to office in another? (I was just reading someone called "Ed in Montana" over at Kos.)


To be honest, Steve, its getting a little ugly. The next few days should tell us more, but I expect court challenges over the office appointment and lt-elect Bolinger to be dragged through the mud. We'll see.


Hooray! A new recipe to try!

Thanks, Wulfie!

It's funny, I used to think sweet potatoes were gross. But I rediscovered them a few years ago and now I can't get enough. Does this mean I'm finally a grownup?

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