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December 06, 2004



I will never understand why our government insists on legeslating our private lives. As long as this is between consenting adults why should anyone care? I suport making pedophilia and child pornography inllegal. I'm all for outlawing rape and rape pornography. Anything that does not involve consenting adults, okay I see that. However if I want to go down on my boyfriend in our apartment and he's cool with that why should anyone else care?

Mark Wilson

I care because I'm alone in my mother's basement and W once looked in my general direction, on the TV... Anywho! Ahhh, John G. Christiansen, long have I shaken my head at his writings, for years I have read the Bozeman Chronicle's opinions... And he is one of those that I have longed to bury in my backyard, underneath some tasty tomato plants... I do love the fact that we all have our rights to say whatever we want.


I love our opinion page. There's always something there that's better than anything on the comics page. Anytime Vern Smalley gets a letter printed I'm entertained for the day. I can't imagine him actually leaving his house, for fear of being aducted by the homosexual menace invading Bozeman.

vern smalley

I really do admire those who have the courage to publish their opinions in local newspapers. Know what I mean? I think that it's far better than web sites where the geeks hang out. No, the queers haven't dared approach me yet. A swift kick in their "family" jewels whould put an end to their sucking each other's peckers, and they'd rather suck than be a real man. Have a nice day. Oh, yes. I have another letter in to the Chronicle. Enjoy. Vern.

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