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December 21, 2004



Good for you. Thanks for the update.

Do you remember what they did in Billings years ago, with everyone putting menorahs in their windows to protest a hate crime against Jews? It was very moving ... and effective. There was a documentary movie made about it.

I'd like to add that the Montana Human Rights Network is a good source of information. http://www.mhrn.org/ The website sucks, but they publish a good newsletter, which is on the site in PDF.


These folks have addresses, yes? I think a grassroots mailing campaign to their block, featuring quotes from their buddies, would help the cause.

If you're fighting for white justice, and all of your white neighbors hate you, it's much harder to organize a cross burning.

Letting them know that white people hate them is the key.

Aaron Weissman

Wulfgar; thanks for the update. I had heard about the problems in Bozeman, but not the Great Falls flyers. IMO, the only way to deal with these racists is to expose what they are doing and saying to as many people as possible.

Aaron Weissman, President
Montana Association of Jewish Communities


Both my parents survived the Holocaust. As a community let us not allow hate to take hold once again.

Kate S.

This was a well-written piece, Wulfgar, and the comments here are all excellent. I would only add, through my personal experience, that these people can go quite mad with rage, sparking violence -- against any who are "agin" them, harking back to that old (unevolved) tribal mentality that "yer either with us or agin us." That not only includes people who are different from them in their color, religion or lifestyle, but anyone who does not agree with their warped mind-bending manifestos.

Their explosions are like simultaneous combustions, taking out all enemies who happen to be standing innocently near.

It's wise to be very aware of all their activities. However, whatever you have to do to be aware.


But Wulgar what the hell do we do?? We cant just ignore them. Can we??

Mark Wilson

We must always remember, they have a right to spew their self-righteous nonsense... WE have the right to not even listen to them. They DON'T have any special rights, they don't have the right to annoy everyone else, they don't have the right to hurt anyone else. They just have a right to believe what they believe, and to spout out their annoying little lies. Freedom for all. Of course... We do have a right to defend ourselves if attacked.


You sound almost as if you know something about what you are talking about, but unfortunately, most of your blog is typical liberal rhetoric. If you want to get rid of poison, you flush it down the toilet, you don't stock it in the medicine cabinet and distribute it to your friends hoping it will go away.

The National Alliance is a sick, evil, dangerous group. These morons understand very little, but like most animals they instinctively know when and where they are not wanted. There was an excellent article written in the BDC by the critics in Cour de La, Idaho who after many years, eventually ousted the National Alliance.

Your suggestion that letting them post notices will bankrupt their effort is false. Your 2-reasons for possibly signing his petition [supporting democracy and exposing him for defeat] also miss the mark. The fact is that criminals do not have the same rights & privileges as law abiding citizens. Criminals, when caught and prosecuted are generally incarcerated, and stripped of many of the freedoms that law abiding citizens enjoy.

You know the ACLU has been arguing for years that freedom means freedom for the Nazis or KKK to march down your street.... but what about the freedom to be free of their sickness?

There are limitations on freedom. Freedom carries with it a very high degree of moral responsibility. Laws in our society attempt to provide a benchmark by which our conduct is judged.

If your truly believe that principles of democracy support the idea that anyone should be permitted to run for office, then why not let bomb wielding terrorists board our aircraft? The difference is that in the latter case, you recognize the immediate threat of death & destruction that will result from the terrorist's suicide [homicide] bomb. And in the former case, you see it as some sort of liberal exercise in democracy to let enemies of the country, perpetrators of the greatest autrocities the world has witnessed -- to have the very same rights & privileges of law abiding, god fearing, Americans.

In my opinion, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and that which is no longer free because the message is one of hate, violence, anger or is completely and utterly against everything this great country stands for.

In my opinion, people who propogate genocide, white-supremacy and hate should be tried for treason.

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