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December 04, 2004



Oh man. SHSU will be coming in to Washington-Griz.

Every guy suiting up is going to have payback on his mind.

Also, I'd just like to point out that, excluding the Griz, the cumulative victory was just 9 points.

While the Griz victory was effectively a 44-point victory.

I'll stick by my assertion that there are no teams in I-AA that can beat the Griz, as long as they play like they have been.

TL Hines

On one hand, it would have been nice to see Eastern Washington win and set up a Big Sky semifinal. On the other hand, Eastern Washington has always managed to play well at Washington Grizzly stadium, and they would have rolled into town looking for revenge. With SHSU as the opponent, we get the vengeance factor working for the Griz, rather than against them.


Thank you, Wulfgar! You said it all. We cheered along with you wearing our Griz gear in our Boise living room, and even saw Sharon and Raymond cheering from our old seats in the stadium! I only wish we could be there this Saturday, or better yet, in Chattanooga!

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