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July 16, 2004


Sarpy Sam

I always say there is some warped people that like the heat but instead of sitting in the shade with your iced tea, you need to be out working in it every day. Just a little different perspective.


I'm firmly in the "you can always put more clothes on" school.

Fat guys like me just wilt in the heat.

It's easier for you in Bozo -- it cools off at night into the 50's and 60's, and sometimes even 40's. Here, we just don't cool off, it seems.

Oh, well. If the weather was the way I wanted it, I wouldn't have anything to complain about.


Face it Rob, your're just getting old. Pretty soon you will be wintering in Phoenix.... What happened to us?


Yeah -- we'll be calling Rob a "snowbird!"

And what you said: "...this heat. It's like a warm soft blanket, covering every inch of you." No, no, no, Rob -- it's more like a PRISON, suffocating every pore of your skin!

Like I mentioned over at Sam's: HURRY UP AUTUMN!


I am of the camp where cold weather doesn't bother me too much but when the weather starts to get this oppressive guys like me start to make their own gravy and baste in the Sun.
When the decision comes to either mow the lawn or relax in the shade with a cold drink there really isn't much of a choice to be made.

Now where did I leave that cooler? Oh yeah, next to the hammock.

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