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June 12, 2004


Two Dishes

Cool, a blog with an original thought! Your GWB quote from 2002 is pretty funny. A link by it would be good to have.


I'll never forgive Bush for this. The world cried with us on that day, and he took advantage of a country's fears and diverted (and several hundred billion) it to settle a score with an old family adversary and "liberate" people who didn't ask to be liberated.

Osama bin Forgotten? Who's that?
He's had almost three years to plot the sequel...

Wonder what the retarded Bush apologists plan to say when that happens.

Kate S.

AND, on the news scroll crawl under the CNN reporter this morning, it looks like we are coming up on the 1,000 dead mark as well...

god, I'll be so glad to get rid of this monkey on America's back.

Jim Brady

How interesting that you try to make your point with several quotes taken out of context.


Don't believe for a minute the search for the scumbag bin laden has been abandoned. American heros like Pat Tillman, who volunteered to take the head of the murderer, continue the search everyday and obl is very aware of this. He (or his remains) will surface.

The only thing that will prevent that would be if john kerry gets elected...He will roll to the interests of the "international community" and pull the troops...and obl will live to kill us again......


Jim, I would appreciate, since you seem so certain of the claim, if you could show me (or anyone else) how the quoted and linked comments from Bush are "out of context".

As for the search being abandoned, I never claimed that it had been. Obviously, neither has OJ's search of every golf course in South Florida for the henious villian that murdered his ex-wife. This has nothing to do with whether the fine soldiers in Afganistan are doing their jobs, and everything to do with whether or not their CommanderinChief has his fricking priorities straight. Kindly remain on topic, will you?

And finally, exactly what is your proof that you can see the future actions of (possibly) President Kerry? You can't. But I have quite easily proven that George Bush has allowed OBL to plot our further demise for over 1000 days (that's almost 3 years, yes?). Few things are more idiotic than a person who will presume to know the future while ignoring the facts of the past.

Jim Brady

Somehow I expected your reply would include a personal attack.....

That's really all you've got, isn't it?

No, I think you should check the context of what you use before you develop your argument. I checked your links and they are to leftist rags that beat you to taking quotes out of context.

As long as we are on the subject.... (obl and being taken out of context....)

"As for the search being abandoned, I never claimed that it had been. Obviously, neither has OJ's search of every golf course in South Florida for the henious villian that murdered his ex-wife."

Would you please go into any bar in the State and repeat that statement???



Jim, you continue to grasp at the tired old saw of the "liberal media", and yet you've failed to see the most obvious of facts: The quotes presented are directly from G.W.Bush, and directly contradict each other. The only context missing appears to be from you. I've asked once, rather nicely, and I will ask again, what context is missing? What can you provide that shows a different interpretation of what the Preznit said?

Ya'see Jim, this here thingy's called a website, and what I say here is said in front of God and everybody. If anybody wants to argue, I'm up for it at anytime. But don't expect me to care about weak claims of bias or weaker claims made to intimidate. Put up or shut up. It's that simple, pal.

As to the personal attack concerning the idiocy of your prediction, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck ... its a duck. You can fume all you'd like, and make vague threats about bars all you like, but you still have no basis for either your predictions of the future, or your ignorance of the facts in the past. Personal attack? Sounds like you're throwing out the wimp defense to me. "Mommy, the bad man pointed out my foolishness. Bet the big drunk guys will make the bad man stop." You don't have to be a genious to see how stupid that sounds, do ya?

Sorry there, Jim, but this is one "librul" who isn't playing by the fantasy rules in your head. If you have a point to make about the topic, make it. If you have an opinion about me, you'd best get to know me first before spouting off.

Jim Brady


I don't believe I said anything about you other than you were quoting out context.

You felt it was necessary to call me an idiot.

I know all I need to know about you.


Jim Brady

One last thing.

Bush had a press conference on 3/13/02 in which he expressed in great detail why he was not concerned with the whereabouts of obl. I read the CNN transcript, and I did not find this quote ("It's not that important. It's not our priority." G.W. Bush, March 13th, 2002.)in it. It looks like somebody took two Bush statements and constructed a quote that would serve some purpose.

At any rate, there is quite a bit more discussion of why he was not concerned with the immediate location of obl, none of which supports anything you said in your rant about the "asshole" Bush.


Instead of "out of context" does the phrase "made up" mean anything to you?



Jim, you do know how to read don't you? Your link supports exactly what I said: Bush promised, and then Bush decided he didn't need to deliver on that promise. Furthermore, he lies his ass off about OBL being marginalized and uncommunicative. Bush says: Al Quada is impotent. The Spanish say (along with the beheaded in Iraq and Suadi Arabia): Al Quada looks pretty fricken potent from here! And meanwhile, we continue to review video of Osama released every 3 or 4 months.

From your own link, Jim, a direct quote:

G.W.Bush: "I truly am not that concerned about him."

You still haven't shown that I've taken anything out of context, and in fact, you've helped to support my case. Furthermore, you claim that I've made this stuff up, and provide a direct quote that proves I haven't. Bu'bye indeed.

Let's get a few things straight here, Jim. What you think about me? Meaningless, to use your own word. This is my website, and if you want to argue with me, pony right up. Unlike your fantasy of what "libruls" will do, I won't back down. I'll buy you a beer and we'll go at it. Write idiotic things, I'll happily tell you so (you still haven't supported your wild fantasy of what Kerry will do as President, have you?). You wanna tell me that stuff is made up? Don't provide the proof that it isn't. That just makes my job easier. And don't be trying to pull some Montana street cred as if it means something. I'd be willing to bet that I've walked the dirt of this state as long or longer than you. All you do at that point is piss me off.

And finally, if you mean to leave, do it. And don't let the screen door hit your ass on the way out.


heh heh... I had to come back today and see this.
Wingnut gets challenged to prove his case, spouts threats, intimidation doesn't work, so he takes his ball and goes "buh bye".

Then comes back and post again. Comedy gold, I tell ya!

(Memo to me: Talking about OJ's pseudo-hunt in a Florida bar will get my ass kicked. Got it!)

When are people going to separate the fact that Afghanistan and Iraq are two ENTIRELY different wars with two ENTIRELY different purposes?

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