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March 18, 2004



I gotta tell ya -- the '88 mullet RULES!


'88 = WIN WIN WIN all the way. And don't feel bad, I had a mullet once.

Damnit, we should do SUB Lunch sometime. That would be not as cool as beer, but still wacky nonetheless.


Damn I'm sexy.


Dude, that 80s pic is so totally gnarly and radical, man!

Wow, Rob -- you really took this Reveal thing to heart! Good on ya!

BTW - like the decor in the last pic of you -- seriously.


I really like the photo of you on Beartooth Pass. You are trying so hard to be cool it looks as though you might have sprained something!

Great job! I love the montage!

BTW, you're right about Beartooth Pass. When you're on the top it feels as though you are on the top of the world.


Actually, Randy, I was just blinded in that picture. The wind was blowing and drying out my contacts. I don't think most people appreciate how thin the air is, and how harshly bright the sun can be at 10,000 ft.

David, Thanks. My wife definately goes all out with the Christmas decor!


I can't believe Jon hasn't made a peep about this photo - I only now got a look at it!
Of course Jon tells me all the time how cute he is...


Oh and tell your wife that I too find her Christmas decor very lovely - and in fact when I'm thus inspired to put up more of my own next year I can send Jon in his GrinchMode over here to grumble about it! You can give him manly advice on how to deal with this.


I didn't know you were the Marlboro man! ;)

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