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February 19, 2004



Freedom and liberty really bother GWB & Co. They don't trust it and they think we'd be better off without it. This is an administration which is in power, but lost the popular vote. They believe voters can't be trusted, and can't handle the truth.

The biggest threat to American freedom is George Bush. Fiscally, legally, and strategically.

I think most people feel this at some level. So who does Bush have to appeal to? He can't run on the issues, because he's gotten nothing done. He can't run on his record, because he keeps making things worse. With nothing of substance remaining he is reduced to running on cheap sentiment.

Sarpy Sam

You say "This entire administration has been about personal privilage." I would like you to show me one in recent times that has not been. All Presidents misuse the power of their office this way so why does this suprise you? Just another useless President stumping for votes.


Sam, I'm trying real hard to believe that the system isn't broken, and you're not helpin' ;-)

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