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February 19, 2004


Sarpy Sam

While your theroy is sound you need to consider the next step. Congress Critters are just as bad. The moment you elect your Representative to the House he starts his re-election campaign since he stands for re-election every two years. Therefore he never does anything for the good of the country per say, everything is weighed against his chance for re-election. This is why we have such a high deficit. Congress Critters buying our votes.


What Sam said. Give a person one shot to get things set right. Take away the motivation to pander. And this would force us to simplify government.

One term for everyone. And four year terms for all judges.


I dunno, at least for Congress. There's something to be said for institutional memory in those jobs.


Personally I think the institutional memory is a big part of the problem.


One 5-year term for the President.

Representatives get 3 year terms. Senators get 6 year terms.

This would cut way down on the need to maintain a "perpetual" election cycle.


I like Jon's suggestions.

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