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August 24, 2014


Nameless Range

Good post.

Other than fantasy football, the NFL has lost its utility as a form of entertainment for me over the last ten years. (Conspiracy Theory Warning!)Perhaps I am not alone in that, and the NFL is following the fan's trend of fantasy emphasis, and thus favoring scoring.

Many of the rules implemented in the name of player safety are necessary - not only for the players, but for the future of the game (youth football). Others implemented in the name of player safety - hitting QBs below the knees, drastic favoring of offensive players over defensive players, and a few others - seem to do nothing but make defense less relevant or attempt to prop up the perception that the league cares about player safety(more games?), but are really nothing but reactionary (Roy Williams - horse collar).

The contact involved on a 15 yard fade on 1st and ten at the 50 yard line at the start of the second quarter will not garner as much attention as the same contact on the same fade to the corner of the endzone on the last play of the game. Consistency in calling penalties is a huge challenge. Perhaps there is a better way of employing and disseminating officiating crews.

Two years ago, when the Green Bay Packers lost to the Seahawks on the worst call in NFL history, using replacement referees, affecting the Packers playoff hopes and perhaps even worse - my Fantasy league - I lost all hope in terms of league integrity. They've done nothing in the meantime to change that.

Yet I can't quit the Fantasy.

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