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January 17, 2014



Wait, Rob. I imported from Movable Type to Wordpress a little over a year ago, and my links all transferred just fine, as did my images. The only problem I had was not thinking through the character set I should define the MT text as; dashes and apostrophes occasionally have to be fixed as I find them (typically only within blockquotes, as I recall, but maybe I'm wrong).

I don't use the hosted WP; I pay for my own domain and hosting ($17/year for domain maintenance; $8/month for hosting.


Steve, who are you hosted with?


Hosting Matters: http://hostmatters.com/web-hosting/

The best thing about these folks is that they fix problems really quickly on the extremely rare occasion when there is one. My downtime might add up to a half-hour in the 5 1/2 years I've been using them.


"Upon further review" I pay $21/year for keeping my domain active, not $17.

Mike Stone

Email me about this Rob.

Abe fro man

Stay. I find change to be weird and scary. I won't even look at twitter.

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