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January 21, 2014



"Rings are won by teams"

Well said. Including the sum championships of an individual player as a metric to determine that player's ranking in the GOAT category should carry very little weight.

Similar veins of thought are followed when the greatest running backs of all time are discussed by pundits-Never including any mention whatsoever of the types of lines they ran behind or the types of offense they ran in or whether they were on teams that were typically holding on to a lead or were perpetually losing. It's just Stats.Stats.Stats.

The worst is the weekly, "Manning vs Brady", or "Cam vs Kapernick". I wanna slap these pundits upside the head.

"Dude, they're not on the field at the same time!"


It's strange that it isn't applied to running backs as often, but so much worse when it is. Seven of the ten best I can think of never had 'a ring'(at least not yet): Dickerson, Simpson, Brown, Sanders, Campbell, Thomlinson, and Peterson. Everyone of those guys comprised the bulk of the offensive output of their teams, and none have played with a steller defense. Then look at the ones who do have rings: Terrell Davis had John Elway, the league's best offensive line and a top 5 defense. Sweetness had far and away the league's best defense when he earned his bling. Marcus Allen and Emmitt Smith were completely surrounded with talent.

Abe Froman

I agree that rings don't define the best of all time. Clearly Dan Marino is the best quarterback who ever played.

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